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  1. The absolute failure of carbon market is undeniable as greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) have increased by 11.2% [1] within developed countries from 1990 to 2007; therefore it has failed in the compliance of its main objective. Read the rest of this entry »

Green House Gases emissions (GHG) have not reduced, on the contrary they have increased substantially, and therefore, the carbon market has failed in the compliance of its main objective.

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The Kyoto Protocol has generated a global market for carbon emissions (also known as “emissions trading” or “cap and trade”) though the creation of certain flexibilities designed to help the 40 countries named in Annex 1 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change meet their obligations. Negotiations ahead of climate change talks in Mexico in 2010 have aimed to consolidate and amplify carbon markets.

Have carbon markets been effective in diminishing greenhouse gas emissions? Can we leave the problem of finding a solution to climate change in the hands of the market? Is it possible to “regulate” carbon markets so they might be effective? Should market mechanisms be expanded? What are the dangers of carbon markets?

This working group intends to analyze, reflect on, and elaborate proposals for confronting the dangers of carbon markets going forward.


Objectives of the group in terms of discussion and product

• To analyze, reflect and make proposals on the dangers of carbon market mechanisms (today’s and new mechanisms) and their effectiveness in reducing the gases that cause climate change.

Main issues to be discussed by the group

• What are the dangers of carbon market?

• Has the market been capable of regulating carbon emissions of greenhouse gases? Can it do it in the future?

• Is it necessary to create new mechanisms to promote developing carbon market?

• Who has been favored by the development of carbon market?

• Is it possible that carbon market problems will be resolved with the implementation of regulatory measures?

• What measures could be taken regarding carbon market mechanisms in climate change negotiations?

• Could it be that the “Copenhagen Accord” aims to promote the development of carbon market?

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