Thank you madame chair

Developed countries have appropriated a major part of the Earth’s atmosphere in the past, and they are now seeking to take a disproportionately large share of the remaining budget without compensating developing countries.

From 1850 to 2005 the cumulative emissions of CO2 equivalent have been 1.107 billions of tons. From this total amount and taking into accoun that Anex 1 parties represent the 20 % of the population, they have over used their share  in 280 %. In other words that means that the space that belong  to developing parties has been ocupaied by 618 billion tons CO2 of Annex 1 Parties. Now the discussion heer is how they give as back the space that they have occupied and that is constraining our development.

So the first step to adress how should parties affected by economic social consequences of response measures be assited, is to recognize that their is a climate emission debt from developed countries that is afecting developing countries.

There is a need for developed country Parties to compensate developing countries for the economic losses arising from the implementation of climate change response measures. Based on the historical responsibility of developed countries and climate justice, this compensation is to counter lost development opportunities, including addressing needs of climate migrants.

We believe that an appropriate forum shall be established under the Convention to give full consideration to what actions are necessary to address the potential economic and social consequences and impacts of the design, selection and implementation of response measures. In addition, this forum shall cooperate with the indigenous peoples through their own representative institutions to obtain their free, prior and informed consent before adopting and implementing measures that may affect them.

In addition, developed country Parties shall not resort to any form of unilateral climate related trade measures including border adjustment measures and tariffs against the goods and services of developing country Parties on climate-related grounds as such measures violate the principles and provisions of the Convention.