Actions agreed upon by the delegation that presented the conclusions of the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth at the United Nations on May 7, 2010

1)         Build support for the 26th of April Submission (People’s Agreement and Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth). (page 14).

2)         Key messages:

  • 50% emission reduction under the Kyoto Protocol in Cancun
  • Rights of Mother Earth

3)         Produce common statement framing outcomes of May 7th UN meeting.

4)         Analysis of the AWG-LCA Chairs Text (by May 18th).

5)         Comparative textual analysis of the Copenhagen Accord and the People’s Agreement (by May 25th).

6)         Conference Call – after the analysis, on Friday, May 21st to discuss a common response to the Chair’s text and agree on general next steps.

7)         Lobby and target different countries that can support the People’s Agreement.

8)         Build a common position in the G77.

  • emission reduction in Cancun, preserve Kyoto Protocol, stabilize between 1.5° and 1° C and 350 to 300 ppm, climate debt, Rights of Mother Earth.
  • Procedures: two tracks, comprehensive outcome in Cancun, inclusiveness, transparency, member-driven, bottom-up approach, sovereignty, equity, no innovative measures like 40 countries negotiating instead of 192 and/or dilution of AWG-KP and AWG-LCA.

9)         Events in different cities and countries during the next round of negotiation in Bonn (May 31 – June 11) to promote the People’s Agreement.

10)      Development of actions during the U.S. Social Forum (June 22 – 26), the meeting of the G8 (June 25 – 27) and other events.

11)      Improve and develop website of in English and Spanish.

12)      Coordination with Mexican committee to help in the preparation of Cancun COP16.

13)      Regional conference calls and a World conference call after Bonn round of negotiation (possible June 18).

14)      Letter to the Member states of the UN, the President of the GA and the SG supporting the initiative for beginning a discussion on the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth.

15)      Explanatory note on the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth.

16)      Working Group on the Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth to follow up actions and develop strategy.

17)      Development of a technical proposal for the International Climate and Environmental Justice Tribunal.

18)      Preparation of a demand to Annex 1 Countries that fail to comply with the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol, to be presented if there are no substantive commitments for greenhouse gas emission reduction in Cancun.

19)      Begin lobbying in order to obtain co-sponsors for the UN resolution on the human right to water.