Need for a Global Referendum, plebiscite or popular consultation

Negotiations on Climate Change developed in Copenhagen showed that the representatives of developed countries seek to attribute the decision-making and the imposition of the same to all peoples, governments and countries on the planet without consultation of decisions that affect Mother Earth and the future of humanity, forgetting that the planet and its destination are not the exclusive property of a group of governments or international institutions.On the assumption that the human being is the brother who has the power to watch over other beings that are part of Mother Earth, its ability to affect compliance with the relationship we have with Mother Earth and its possibility to generate opportunities for discussion that enable the implementation of activities and actions to preserve that relationship, it must have the possibility to demonstrate by direct feedback, by making decisions and establishing lines of action for each government to generate rights to restore harmony with our Mother Earth.

It has been determined the existence of a consensus to pursue a world referendum, plebiscite or referendum, taking into account the realities of each country or region in favor of Mother Earth

Questions designed for the World Referendum, Plebiscite or Popular Consultation

In order to carry out the World Referendum, plebiscite or popular consultation, which will restore the relationship between Mother Earth and its inhabitants, the WPCCC suggests the following questions, knowing that the same should be put into consideration of the inhabitants of the planet through National Committees:

1. Do you agree to change the capitalist model of overproduction and overconsumption and to restore harmony with nature, recognizing and respecting the rights of Mother Earth?

2. Do you agree that the countries and transnational corporations reabsorb and reduce its production of greenhouse gases in proportion to their historical responsibilities for emissions and to slow down global warming?

3. Do you agree to transfer all that is spent in wars and allocate it a higher budget in defense of Mother Earth?

4. Do you agree that our countries become territories of peace free of occupation of troops and foreign military bases?

5. Do you agree with the establishment of a Climate and Environmenta Justice Tribunal to judge those who destroy Mother Earth?

When to develop the Global Referendum, Plebiscite or Popular Consultation

The referendum, plebiscite or referendum:

• To be announced on April 22nd, 2010, the day of Mother Earth, the possibility of global vote after the International Committee and National Committees ensures success in this development must be left open.

Mechanisms to develop the referendum, plebiscite or referendum

It supports the creation of an International Committee, respecting the establishment and empowerment of the National Committees, to address the referendum.

The method of voting can be developed through:

The creation on an International Committee is supported in order to carry out the Referendum, whilst respecting the conformation and autonomy of the National Committees.

The way of voting can be developed as following:

• The referendum will be officially developed in countries where it has the support of national governments and in countries where this is not possible it will be conducted by social organizations, student unions, social networks and other civil society organisms, in the form of a plebiscite or referendum.

• The voting forms will be defined by the National Committees according to the uses and customs


• Those present are committed to promote the creation of national committees with greater involvement of organizations of each country to potentiate the actions of the Referendum, plebiscite or Popular Consultation through pedagogical processes for policy discussions and actions defined by this popular Conference.