Climate change is not something that may happen in the future, indeed it represents a real threat to Mother Earth’s life and all beings that live in it, because we are already experiencing its impacts. Therefore, the elimination of the origins of this phenomenon is one of the greatest challenges and responsibilities of States, Governments and peoples of our time.

A strong commitment is required in order to succeed in a long-term stabilization goal of greenhouse gases concentrations below 300 ppm (parts per million) and the maximum increase in temperature must be less than 1 degree Celsius. Any increase above these limits will be strongly rejected because, among other things:

  • You can not endanger and destroy the very existence of humanity and Mother Earth.
  • The impacts caused by climate change such as droughts, floods, disease, loss of several species and biodiversity, risks of food security and sovereignty, melting glaciers and poles, among others, are very strong even with the current temperature increase .
  • It would endanger food for humanity (security – food sovereignty)
  • There are several damages and impacts totally irreversible.

The concept of a “shared vision” should not only involve the proposal of a limit in the increase of temperature and greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere, but must comprehensively understand a set of financial measures, adaptation technologies, and a necessary capacity building to achieve that goal.

Building a shared vision requires attacking the structural causes of the capitalist system, which is leading to climate change crisis and is necessary to change production, distribution and consumption patterns that promote concentration and accumulation of capital in a few hands, as well as the indiscriminate use of natural resources and life commodification.

Survival and development are rights of all nations and peoples, involving equity conditions for present and future generations. A fair and equitable distribution of atmospheric space is required; for many years this space has been concentrated in a few hands, privileging its benefit and development while the majority of the population remains in poverty. In this sense, we demand the decolonization of atmospheric space by developed countries and their elites, in order to allow the development of our peoples through recognition and compensation of climate debt.

Climate change impacts are affecting and paralyzing the progress of fundamental priorities in developing countries, such as the development in harmony with nature and the fight of our peoples against poverty. Therefore, we demand those who historically caused this phenomenon to assume their responsibilities and drastically reduce greenhouse gases emissions within their own states and not through the carbon market.

Developing countries not responsible for the historical pollution should revalue their ancestral knowledge, preserving the atmospheric space to live well in order to avoid the past mistake of industrialization’s destructive process, which has led to the current situation. To ensure this process, developed countries should provide funding without conditions and transfer environment-friendly new technologies to developing countries; our countries are now forced to spend more resources in order to achieve development in balance with Mother Earth.

As representatives and delegates gathered at the ” PRE CONFERENCE OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES AND SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS OF BOLIVIA ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE RIGHTS OF MOTHER EARTH”, we demand developed countries to take responsibility for climate change; we strictly denounce and reject attempts to assert the “Understanding of Copenhagen,” so-called “Copenhagen Agreement”, since it doesn’t take into account the main elements of this statement ever since life of humanity and Mother Earth have no price.