Green House Gases emissions (GHG) have not reduced, on the contrary they have increased substantially, and therefore, the carbon market has failed in the compliance of its main objective.

Carbon market encourages Developed Countries to avoid the reduction of their own Greenhouse Gases emissions (domestic emissions) and transfer their responsibilities towards Developing Countries.

The carbon market allows “Developed Countries” to negotiate carbon emissions “at the expense of Developing Countries” which are the ones who most suffer the effects of problems they have not caused.

The example of the financial crisis has shown that the market is unable to regulate the financial system; therefore it would be totally irresponsible to leave the very existence of humanity and our Mother Earth under the care and protection of the market.

The carbon market generates a huge business for brokers, who have profited for many years from environmental degradation.

Competition and boundless thirst for profit generated by the carbon market are destroying the planet, commodifying our Mother Earth and transforming water, earth and life itself into a commodity. Everything is bought and sold in capitalism, and even climate change itself has become a business.

Carbon market is depending on profit and does not protect the environment or gives Peoples social Welfare. Therefore it does not represent ethically an alternative to tackle climate change.

As countries considered as the lungs of the world, preserving the ecological centers to avoid deforestation, we demand compensation directly from developed countries and not through the Carbon Market.

We strictly condemn the use of ‘hot air’, produced by the countries of the former Soviet Union (Transition Economies) for the compliance of other developed countries commitments, since they do not represent the result of real actions on emissions reduction.

We reject the establishment of new mechanisms to promote the carbon market, and we demand effective actions to reduce emissions within the territories of those who have been historically responsible for this phenomenon. 

At the Pre-Conference of Indigenous Peoples and Social Organizations of Bolivia on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, we strongly reject the Carbon Market and we condemn any attempt to expand and create new mechanisms such as the one established on the ‘understanding of Copenhagen’, because “the life of humanity and Mother Earth cannot be bought or sold”, and we urge the Organizations of the world to merge in order to take action in defense of life and subsistence of Mother Earth.