With the purpose of meeting the requests and questions of foreign guests and regarding accommodation in Cochabamba for the World Conference of the Peoples (food and transportation are not included), the Accommodation Commission of the event will receive the accommodation request and consultations at the following e-mail: hotel@cmpcc.org.

We will then email you information about all the lodging possibilities in Cochabamba and the respective prices.  Starting from the first week of April, participants will receive by e-mail details of what hotel was assigned for their stay in Cochabamba. Please read full post before emailing us.

Procedures to present requests for lodging
Due to the limited availability of hotels in Cochabamba, we have  centralized the hotel requests and will only assign rooms to people and institutions that will participate in the Conference. Please write to us with your choice to hotel@cmpcc.org with the following information:

• Number of people and their names. Include Conference Registration Number.
• Type of hotel/accommodation requested. Please see listing below
• Arrival and departure dates to and from Cochabamba.

The “Accommodation Commission” will assign accommodation to each participant according to the requested requirements. Starting on the first week of April, it will be communicated by e-mail what hotel was assigned for their stay in Cochabamba.

Accommodation in hotels and similar

(Hotels between 1 and 5-Star categories)
• 3 – 5 Star Hotels (depending on availability)
Price ranges: between 50 U$ and 150 U$
• 1 – 3 Star Hotels and Apartment Hotels
Price ranges: between 30 U$ and 50 U$
• Hostels, residentials and lodgings
Price ranges: between 10 U$ and 30 U$

Accommodation in shelters
(Institutional shelters and similar)

  • Shelters, military units, schools, camping areas
    Price ranges:  20 to 30 US$
    Accommodation in alternative lodgings
    (Military units, schools and others)
  • Alternative lodging (costless and with limited places)
  • (Lodgings, military units, schools, Camping areas).

    NOTE: Lodging requests that don’t provide the electronic subscription code will not be attended.