• Once you sign up for Working Groups here using your conference registration number, you may join the electronic discussion of the group
  • You will receive emails with contributions and proposals of all those enrolled in the Working Group, who will circulate their views and work toward a single draft proposal.
  • The draft proposal produced by each Working Group (approximately 2-3 pages) will be the basis for the Working Group meetings during the conference in Cochabamba.

To email your group, write to its corresponding address:

01GTcausas@cmpcc.org – Structural Causes of Climate Change
02GTarmonia@cmpcc.org – Harmony with Nature
03GTderechosMT@cmpcc.org – Rights of Mother Earth
04GTreferendum@cmpcc.org – Referendum on Climate Change
05GTtribunal@cmpcc.org – Climate Justice Tribunal
06GTmigrantes@cmpcc.org – Climate Change Migrants
07GTindigenas@cmpcc.org – Indigenous Peoples
08GTdeuda@cmpcc.org – Climate Debt
09GTvision@cmpcc.org – Shared Vision
10GTprotocoloK@cmpcc.org – Kyoto Protocol
11GTadaptacion@cmpcc.org – Adaptation
12GTfinanciamiento@cmpcc.org – Financing
13GTtecnologia@cmpcc.org – Technology Transfer
14GTbosques@cmpcc.org – Forests
15GTmercados@cmpcc.org – Dangers of Carbon Market
16GTestrategias@cmpcc.org – Strategies for Action
17GTagricultura@cmpcc.org – Agriculture and Food Sovereignty