Organizations or institutions that want to organize an event (workshop, seminar, forum, meeting, video projection or other) must send their proposal up to March 15 to with the following information:

• Applicant organization: (priority will be given to events
proposed by several organizations)
• Country, region or network:
• Responsible contact person:
• E-mail:
• Web site:
• Event title:
• Brief description of the contents:
• Event format: (workshop, panel, screening, cultural event,
• List of Exhibitors:

• Number of people expected to attend the event:

• Required time for the event (hours):

• Translation: ( translation service will be available only in
Spanish-English at a cost to be covered by the Applicant
• Other requirements: (amplification, projector or screen at a
cost to be covered by the Applicant organization)

The proposals will be evaluated in function of the theme, number of applications received and available spaces. Self-organized events will be defined promoting unity of common initiatives.

By the end of March self-organized events will be included in the Conference program.

The organization of World People´s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth is responsible for providing the venue and the inclusion of self-organized events in the main program. All translation, amplification, screening or other entity costs shall be paid by the applicant organization.