We will invite as panelists social leaders, experts, scientists, leaders and authorities of different countries of the world to the main plenaries that will be held in parallel during the conference.

The list of plenaries and panelists will be released in March. The plenaries will address the following issues:

  1. Scientific Findings on Climate Change
  2. Structural Causes of Climate Change
  3. New Models for Reestablishing Harmony With Nature
  4. Rights of the Mother Earth
  5. Creating the Climate Justice Tribunal
  6. Climate Debt: What is it and Who is Responsible?
  7. The ABCs of Climate Change Negotiations
  8. Financing, Technology, and Carbon Markets
  9. Forced Migration Due to Climate Change
  10. Forests, Food and Water Under Climate Change
  11. Do We Need a Global Referendum on Climate Change?
  12. Defining a Common Strategy After Cochabamba
  13. Government Perspectives on Climate Change Negotiations
  14. Artists Talk About Climate Change