Historically, 75% of greenhouse gas emissions have been produced by the so-called “developed” countries in which only 20% of the world’s population resides. Now that we are facing the impacts of global warming, those most affected will undoubtedly be the poorest; “developing” countries, future generations, and the Mother Earth.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change recognizes that obligation by affirming that developed countries are historically responsible for those emissions, and in sustaining that they should take the initiative to combat climate change. This fact is expressed in the existence of the Kyoto Protocol, under which countries obligated to reduce greenhouse gases are the developed countries listed in Annex 1 of the Convention.

What are the components of climate debt? To whom do developed countries owe this debt? How can we compensate for or repair the damage incurred? The mission of this working group is to produce a text that systematizes and expands upon the concept of climate debt, enumerating its components, its creditors, and forms of compensation.