Recognizing that we are the children and not the owners of Mother Earth, and reasserting the principle of community, understood as unity among all living things, we declare:

• To achieve harmony with nature, we must put into practice the principles of reciprocity, complementarity, mutual respect for the sovereignty of our nations, justice, equality, and respect for cultural diversity.• To achieve harmony with nature it is necessary to respect and ensure respect for the cycles of Mother Earth and the cosmos; and respect people’s socio-economic and cultural systems in which common respect prevails. This harmony will be achieved through sensibility, creativity, and conscience.

• To achieve harmony with nature and to help restore the equilibrium of Mother Earth, it is necessary to overturn anthropocentric paradigms, eradicating the capitalist model in order to create a world without imperialism, colonialism, and consumerism.

• To achieve harmony among human beings, Mother Earth, and the cosmos, we recognize that each has equal rights that must be mutually balanced.

• Harmony with nature is not possible unless equity without exclusion and relations without hierarchies exist among all living beings who reside on Mother Earth.

• Recognizing the existence of basic services and Common Resources (atmosphere, water, biodiversity, knowledge, wisdom) within Mother Earth and the Universe; they should be respected, negotiated and handled in an appropriate way, without being commodified, in order for all to benefit in a balanced and fair manner.   

• We respect and to give value to human beings for who they are, not what they have; respecting similarities, differences and cultural diversity. 

• We revive the value of ancestral agricultural systems and technologies based upon common wisdom, respecting the cycles of nature and the cosmos; recovering traditional practices to Live Well. 

• We recognize the diversity of all the ancestral indigenous people as a wealth and strength to recover  Harmony with Nature. 

• We demand that governments legally recognize the responsibility of the people of the world to care for Mother Earth within their corresponding territories. 

• Mother Earth gives life, sustaining us and all living things, satisfying our needs, guaranteeing food sovereignty and security.  We should not abuse her kindness, nor should we consider her as a resource to exploit or commodify, because she is part of our life.